finding your way through a wrongful death lawsuitfinding your way through a wrongful death lawsuit

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finding your way through a wrongful death lawsuit

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but losing one because a doctor or hospital did not provide an adequate level of care makes it all that more difficult. I have been through this myself and hope that someone can find assurance from the information that I have provided on my website. Knowing what to expect during a wrongful death lawsuit can take some of the stress out of the situation. Having the answers to the many questions that you have and that I have had to ask can help take the guessing out of the situation. Please, talk with a lawyer and use the information provided on this site as you struggle to get through a horrendous time in your life.

When Posting About Your Accident Is Unwise

Turning to social media has become second nature for many people. Nowhere else can you receive instant attention and support when you need it. Unfortunately, some situations call for you to think twice before you post. After a car accident, you may want the validation and sympathy from your friends and followers, but that could be very unwise. Read on to find out why.

Words and Photos Carry Consequences

To fully understand how harmful social media posting can be, put yourself in the shoes of the at-fault driver's insurance company. Auto insurers are out to make a profit, plain and simple. They care about spending as little as possible on accident claims. Anything that can be discovered about the other driver that can be used to lessen the compensation will be used. That means lessening fault percentages, reducing awards for pain and suffering, and casting doubt on the health status of the victim.

Privacy Settings Are Irrelevant

Many social media users are pretty confident about the security of their accounts. While fine-tuning your security settings is always a smart idea, that action does nothing to protect you in some cases. When you are involved in any legal matter, be it a personal injury case, a divorce, or a criminal matter, your postings can be subpoenaed and used against you. When it comes to personal injury cases, postings about some of the below might end up causing you a lot of trouble if they should become available to the defense:

  1. Reassuring your Facebook friends that you were in an accident but are unhurt. You might not be okay and don't want to alarm anyone or your condition might worsen later. Either way, you are minimizing your injuries and harming your case.
  2. Speculating that you may have been speeding or not paying attention at the time of the wreck on social media.
  3. Bragging about going on a vacation or actual photos of you on a vacation when you are supposed to be injured from a car accident. Medical expenses make up a huge portion of accident compensation and anything that casts doubt on your needs can have a devastating effect.
  4. Details about the accident are posted along with lengthy summaries of what happened. Unfortunately, if the version posted on social media differs in many ways from your recorded statement, it can cast suspicions.

These are but a few examples of postings gone wrong. To find out more about the dangers of social media to your personal injury case, speak to a car accident lawyer.