finding your way through a wrongful death lawsuitfinding your way through a wrongful death lawsuit

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finding your way through a wrongful death lawsuit

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but losing one because a doctor or hospital did not provide an adequate level of care makes it all that more difficult. I have been through this myself and hope that someone can find assurance from the information that I have provided on my website. Knowing what to expect during a wrongful death lawsuit can take some of the stress out of the situation. Having the answers to the many questions that you have and that I have had to ask can help take the guessing out of the situation. Please, talk with a lawyer and use the information provided on this site as you struggle to get through a horrendous time in your life.

The Benefits Of Retaining An Experienced Attorney In Family Law

Legal cases involving family matters are often contentious and emotional. Even if you and the other family members involved are on relatively good terms, you still may find yourself at odds over how to end the case to your satisfaction. Rather than going to court alone, you can get the objective advice and help that you need by hiring a lawyer. An attorney who practices family law can provide vital services to you during your case. Read More 

What Not To Do When Pulled Over For A DUI And What To Do Instead

DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol is a widespread issue. According to multiple sources, drunk driving is estimated to cause 28% of auto fatalities in the US. These startling statistics often result in overzealous cops and law enforcement officers being extra watchful for potential suspects. While it's not wise to drink and drive or attempt to get away with such behavior, some lawful citizens are falsely accused. For that reason, read through these tips concerning how to respond if ever pulled over for a DUI to minimize legal repercussions and minimize damage to your reputation whether guilty or innocent. Read More 

Two Common Reasons Why Semi-Truck Accidents Happen

There are so many aspects of a semi-truck accident that make it much more complicated than your typical car accident. It helps to know how they are different in these two ways so you can understand how the driver of the semi-truck could be held liable. Exhaustion  One factor that makes semi-truck drivers different from your typical driver is that they are driving as part of their job. It is possible that they are exhausted from driving and not paying attention to the road as well as they should. Read More 

Family Leave Denied During COVID-19? A Lawyer Can Help

The impact of COVID-19 is ever-changing and is hitting many people financially. For example, they may try to use the recently extended Family Leave Act but get denied by their employer. In this situation, their rights are being denied and they need a lawyer to fight for them. The Family Leave Act Can Protect Those Who Lost Their Job Due to COVID-19 COVID-19 has transformed the world forever because it is an on-going problem that will likely remain an issue for some time. Read More 

Can You Be Convicted Of Felony Domestic Violence Without Victim Testimony?

Domestic violence is a significant problem today, and there is a lot of dispute as how to often domestic violence is prosecuted accurately. Anybody who is accused of a felony requires a strong defense in court, no matter the circumstances. In many cases, somebody who is an alleged victim of domestic violence does not want to testify in court. And if a couple is married, the court cannot force one person to testify against the other. Read More